Thamizh Mozhi Koodam

Thamizh Mozhi koodam , is a Professional Organisation focusing only on Tamil Language Training , Tamil Culture and Tradition Development for all generations across the globe. Our Training sessions are mixed of Theory , Practical , and Visual. We train them on the basic tamil language to read , write , speak and Grammar.


Thamizh Sernthisai Kuzhu

Thamizh Sernthisai Kuzhu is the music wing of Thamizh Mozhi koodamThamizh Sernthisai Kuzhu Launched on November 14th 2013 at P S senior School with the blessings of Spiritual guru Poojyasri Mathioli Saraswathi and Vanoli Anna Koothabiran.


Thamizh Kalai Koodam

Thamizh Kalai Koodam is the Art Wing of Thamizh Mozhi Koodam focus primarily on ancient tamil Drama Practices Music & Dance art like Folk Dances , Folk Musics , Drawing and more . The Traditional art of Mayilattam , oyilattam and thappattam really gives the energy to the children while they perform.

thamizh palli-koodam

Thamizh Palli Koodam

Thamizh Palli Koodam part of TMK offers Diploma and Degree certificates on tamil language for all age groups with the support of Tamil Virtual Academy.Tamil Virtual Academy is an online Tamil Learning platform promoted by Tamil Nadu Govt. Anybody can register learn and get a certificate through our centre in chennai.

Tamil Language, Tamil Culture, Tamil Tradition



It is the course where we teach everyone to read, write and speak the tamil language with this course anyone can manage the language with everybody. This suits for any tamil speaking or non tamil speaking individual. This is the first step and basic step to start enjoy tamil



Tuitions are only for the school going children who find difficult to score more marks more than teaching the same syllabus we create the interest for them to read, write and understand better. As we all know everybody moves to other languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and French only to score more marks even though it is not their mother tongue. WE FIX THAT.



Advanced course is the next step who started loving the language and who want to learn more about the language with this the learner can become well verse on the language and start using the correct grammar and start explaining more.



The current younger generations are fully occupied with TV & Digital Services. They lost the opportunity to learn the value of system ethics and the tradition. We are filling that gap by teaching Thirukkural with meanings and stories. We make sure that it will change the entire mind set of the children and their behaviour after they started following Thirukkural .



The days are gone where we were longing for story time on the radio and the bed time stories with Grandma. Vanoli Anna’s stories and indru oru thagaval are the key motivation those days. We are bringing back that to these generations. Veteran vanoli Anna Shri. Koothabiran and Shri. Ganaprakasam vision our koodam to share those stories to the children. We also teach them about theimportance of writing dramas and acting on the same.



Evergreen literature of tamil language are still taught by us by the way it should be by the experts who dedicated their lives for the tamil literature.



Prayer for everyone. We teach slogam in tamil and in Sanskrit to all generations. The life is not moving without the prayers. It is better to learn that in a right way with right Pronunciation and right raga.



The Traditional choir songs which is follow by several decades is taught by a leading Choir Master Dr. Sudha Raja. Choir can be performed by any person who has sung a basic singing knowledge with large singing interest. It has to be sung on a team with large group of people and it will be great experience for the kids.



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Summer Camp @ TMK

Summer Camp at Thamizh Mozhi Koodam

Summer camp at Thamizh Mozhi Koodam is always Special and Unique. To get an idea please visit our youtube channel
we have few videos from chutti TV, Thanthi TV and Raj TV of our summer camp 2014.Also please like us on our facebook page for regular updates

How Special and Unique

There is an opportunity for the kids to learn Tamil language and Tamil culture on their vacation time. our camp will create an interest towards our language culture and tradition. And it is not religious based.

what are the things they learn

Tamil Read Write Speak Workshop, Bharathiyar Poems, Thirukkural, Athichoodi,Tamil Literature Stories and more. Mostly to make the kids comfortable our language of communication will be in english.

Will they have any fun time or Play time?

Yes They  play all our ancient traditional games at our camps. Like Pallankuzhi,Paandi, Dayam,Kallangaai and more. They also play word games, proverbs,riddles and more

Whate else they can experience

Kids will also experience Singing in Choir. Any body can sing all these songs. It will not be Carnatic based. Singing Choral Music based on Indian Ragams and using the poetry of our great National Poets like Bharathi, Iqbal, Tagore, Vallathol, Dasharathi, etc,Team Work is the moral behind the Choir.

Anything More

Thamizh Kalai Koodam team share and train the kids on theatre skills , Voice modulation, Expression Exercise and lot more.

Its all About

Tamil culture, Tradition, Language, Games, Choir Music, proverbs, riddles,Theatre Workshop,Tamil Literature Stories, Kummi, Kolattam,Folk Songs ,Folk Dance and lot more

Thamizh kondattam – 2019 Prize Winners

Thamizh kondattam – 2019 Prize Winners Drawing Speech Thirukkural Student Name Std Prize Student Name Std Prize Student Name Std Prize Sanjana LKG I Sanjith Nikhil II I R Manasha Sri UKG I Lakshithaa LKG II S Rangesh II II S Anisha UKG II Divya Darshini III Joshika Sree III III Tanshika UKG III Akshaya […]

தமிழ் கொண்டாட்டம் – 2019

தமிழ் மொழி கொண்டாட்டம் – 2019   திருப்பாவை (பாட்டு / பாசுரம் ) போட்டி   வகுப்பு பாசுரம் / பாட்டு கால அளவு நேரம் / இடம் PreKG, LKG, UKG 1 – 5 2 நிமிடம் காலை 9.00-11.00. ஆண்டாள்  அரங்கம். I, II, III 1 – 10 2 நிமிடம் காலை 11-1. ஆண்டாள் அரங்கம். IV, V, VI 1 – 15 2 நிமிடம் மதியம் […]

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