Meet The Little Darling – ANANYA V GANESH

Meet The Little Darling – ANANYA V GANESH

Hey all

Happy to write this post to appreciate & motivate this prodigy girl Ananya V Ganesh

As we know the famous saying ” successful people will find time for everything and unsuccessful people will not have time for anything “ this little girl find time for everything which drives her passion…

She moved from US recently joined us to learn Tamil Language at our academy. with her dedication and interest she and her sister learnt very well. More than the students the teacher enjoyed the class with them.

Ananya at this age she climbed the author stage by writing  book named  9 CHOCOLATEY BITES.


Launched by Dr.Kiranbedi at Raj Niwas

Let us all encourage her by buying the book to encourage our children.

Here is the link to buy the book. please do share your comments and appreciation to push her to come out with her second book.

Buy 9 Chocolatey Bites

Thanks to Notion Press & Chennai live for encouraging such little talents beyond business…


Also listen to her interview on chennai live


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